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A hole in drywall needing repair and patch.
Before and after pictures of water damage to a ceiling and drywall repair.

Our proficiency in drywall repair services encompasses a wide range of solutions, from drywall patching to comprehensive sheetrock repair, and drywall mold removal, ensuring that every project, whether it involves fixing a hole in the wall or undertaking extensive drywall water damage repair, is executed with the utmost precision. Specializing in addressing all types of drywall concerns, our approach combines meticulous attention to detail with the latest techniques to restore walls and ceilings to their original condition. Residents in Grand Rapids and West Michigan who search for "drywall repair near me" will discover our unmatched expertise in seamlessly rectifying any drywall issue, thereby maintaining the integrity and appearance of their space. Our commitment to quality repair services aims not just to fix the visible damage but to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish that stands the test of time.

Drywall Repair & Patching

AJ Drywall, LLC

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