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AJ Drywall team members expertly finishing drywall with Level 5 finishing.
AJ Drywall, LLC (serving Grand Rapids and West Michigan) pro using a wide drywall knife to finish a sheetrock seam.

Our dedication to excellence in the art of sheetrock finishing sets us apart, starting with meticulous drywall mudding to achieve the sophisticated Level 5 Finish drywall, renowned for its impeccably smooth surfaces ready for any high-quality finish. This comprehensive process, essential for achieving flawless results, involves careful mudding, sanding, and priming, especially crucial in basement renovations where conditions demand the highest quality finish. As our expertise in achieving such high standards becomes more sought after, those searching for "drywall finishing near me" will find that our services within the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area transform spaces into polished, seamless environments, thus significantly enhancing both the aesthetic and value of any property.

Drywall Finishing

AJ Drywall, LLC

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