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Ceiling Texture Services

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your Grand Rapids or West Michigan home with AJ Drywall's premier ceiling texture services. Specializing in a variety of textures, including the classic Crows Foot, the ever-popular Popcorn, and the modern Knockdown finishes, our skilled team expertly transforms your ceilings into works of art. Not only do we specialize in applying new textures, but we are also masters of texture matching, ensuring seamless repairs and renovations that perfectly blend with your existing décor. Serving the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area, AJ Drywall is your go-to source for all ceiling texture needs, combining decades of expertise with precision and care to deliver stunning results every time. Choose us for your ceiling texturing projects and experience the difference professionalism and attention to detail can make.

Crow's foot ceiling texture by AJ Drywall.

Crow's Foot

The Crow's Foot texture is not only aesthetically unique, offering a rustic or traditional look to ceilings, but it also has practical benefits. This texture can help to hide imperfections in the ceiling's surface, making it an excellent choice for older homes or those with uneven surfaces.

Popcorn ceiling texture by AJ Drywall.

Popcorn texture, known for its enhanced acoustic properties and ability to reduce noise and cover surface flaws, offers functional benefits alongside its distinct appearance. This texture is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas or rooms where sound dampening is desired.


Knock Down

Knockdown texture combines contemporary aesthetics with practical benefits. Its subtle, mottled appearance adds sophistication to any room while being versatile enough to complement various decor styles. Additionally, this texture is effective at disguising minor surface imperfections, making it a smart choice for achieving a polished look with less effort.

Knockdown ceiling texture by AJ Drywall, LLC Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Our texture-matching services ensure that repairs or extensions blend seamlessly with your existing ceiling texture, preserving the uniform look of your space. This precision demonstrates our commitment to detail and customer satisfaction, addressing the challenge of matching new work to old.

Texture-Matching Services

AJ Drywall, LLC

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